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Faiths at Work (2010)- an asset, not an issue

The ‘Faiths at work’ programme aims to bring together people of various faiths to develop mutual understanding of what each brings to the workplace, including ethical values. If we understand and appreciate colleagues and clients better, then we can be more confident to ‘do business’ together.

Employers and colleagues may be nervous of faith at work, yet faith can make a positive contribution to the work place. Faith helps form values and attitudes at work, as in the rest of life. There is much to be gained from exploring the differences between faiths as well as the areas of common ground.

Faiths at Work Leaflet

Faith at work Paricipant info Solihull

Faith at work Participant info Handsworth

‘Faiths at Work’ is a project of the Churches‘ Industrial Group Birmingham, in conjunction with the Faith Encounter Programme, funded by a Faiths in Action grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government.