Annual Meeting Thursday 17 September 6:15pm

Join us on Zoom to hear what Workplace Chaplaincy CIGB has been doing and what our thoughts are moving forward.

We are also joined by Cllr Waseem Zaffar, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment at Birmingham City Council, as we discuss how this area gets moving again…

Transport matters because a fair and accessible economy needs people to be able to connect in person as well as virtually – for meetings, deliveries as well as working together. Transport has also long been a major employer in the region.

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Black Lives Matter and Diversity

Some of our Chaplains, Friends and Churches have been contributing to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations In Birmingham and across the region. Like many people, we have been saddened and horrified by the evidence of ongong violence, prejudice and crimes against Black People.

One of the greatest joys of Workplace Chaplaincy CIGB in the last few years has been the growth in our diversity in volunteers, churches and people that we are in contact with.

More black people have started chaplaincy with us and some have moved into positions of responsibility into other chaplaincies also. To be honest, forming a greater understanding about issues of powerlessness, diversity, representation and racial discrimination has been a learning process for the team, and no doubt it is something that we still have to learn more about.

But it is sad that our ecumenical and ethnic diversity is still something that is seen as a ‘feature’ of this Christian organisation, rather than assumed as the norm. As an organisation we are immensely richer because of our diversity.

As Christian people we rejoice in the Gospel message of seeing the powerless lifted up; and seeing those who are discriminated against being set free.

Workplace Chaplaincy CIGB News

Annual Review

Our Annual Review 2019-2020 describes some of our recent experiences:

  • giving bereavement support
  • celebrating a new birth at work
  • listening to retailers stuggling with the downturn
  • gathering together a worship community in a residential complex
  • building up our inter-faith relationships
  • .. and discovering that God’s timing is amazing!


Newsletter December 2019: Read here

  • Comparing the Gospel’s Emmaus Road Story to the Chaplaincy experience – Margaret Holland, Newman University Chaplain
  • Chaplaincy at Birmingham Airport
  • Reaping a Harvest of Prayers from your local shops
  • Chaplains helping to mark Remembrance in the Workplace
  • New Chaplains Commissioned for Workplace Chaplaincy CIGB

Autumn 2019: Read here

  • FRIENDS OF CIGB launched
  • CIGB Chaplains have had 4000 significant conversations in the first six months of the year
  • What do developments in Artificial Intelligence mean for life, workers and faith?
  • The consequences of death and workplace accidents
  • News from around our Chaplaincies

July 2019: Read Here

  • Chaplains’ response to Loneliness (at Work)
  • News from Chaplaincies: Buses, Longbridge, Waterways, NEC, Bullring, Bournville College..
  • Mental Health Training for Chaplains – summary
  • Annual Meeting Report and Future of Birmingham Markets
  • Invite to Elaine’s Induction onto the staff at Carrs Lane Church

February 2019: chaplains-at-work-february-2019

Previous Years:


Newsletter 2010 November

Newsletter 2008 Autumn

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Our Autumn newsletter ‘Chaplains at Work’ is now available to download with a great mix of articles, stories from Chaplains and news.

Chaplains at Work Autumn 2020

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