Birmingham and Solihull Business LifeCIGB is a team of Workplace Chaplains: Economic Chaplaincy Missioners.

CIGB helps Churches, Workplaces and Economic Forces to bear good fruit together.

Workplace Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is a gift of time, space and care. Through confidential, independent relationship and listening, Chaplains stand for hope and faith:

 “steadying the soul, when head and heart are under pressure;

giving birth to ‘God in the soul’, through a ministry of awakening;

supporting people’s intimation that there is ‘more to life than meets the eye’

(Ann Morisy)

Interested in becoming a Voluntary Workplace Chaplain?

Thinking about how to connect Faith and Work?

Our next Chaplaincy Training Course starts October 10. More here.


Our growing base of volunteer chaplains shows that the church is taking seriously peoples’ discipleship at work. Chaplaincy teaches the church the exciting lessons of ‘Journeying Out’ from its comfort zones and putting Faith into Action in new places.

We run a regular Chaplaincy Training Course which offers Christians a chance to explore making sense of their faith in a work environment, and an Introduction to Birmingham Training Day to help Church organisers connect their theology with major public policy issues in Birmingham. For a list of where our current 60+ chaplaincies are based see here.

Chaplaincy stories are available at

Chaplaincy: a Mission of the Church

Chaplaincy is a ‘Very Modern Ministry’ according to a recent report. Although our main activity is chaplaincy to workplaces, we also act in partnership with churches to respond in discipleship to issues of jobs, money and fair working practices. With Birmingham’s Centre for Business Ethics (BCBE) we are working with Aston University Business School, which is a Champion for the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). CIGB represents the different denominations of churches in Birmingham and Solihull ( and works with individual church communities in working for a faithful local economies and supporting Christians at Work. We receive financial support from Church denominations for our work, and this support is matched by donations from a number of businesses.

For an impression of urban chaplaincy, read here a Mission Matters report on Methodist town centre chaplaincy projects in the UK.