CIGB Chaplains, Vacancies & Locations

We have over 60 Chaplains working across Birmingham and Solihull. Most are volunteers, giving about 1/2 day a week to their workplace, to befriend and listen to the staff. CIGB volunteer chaplains are lay and ordained people drawn from all the church denominations. You can visit team web pages by clicking on their title. To enquire about Chaplaincy in general contact the CIGB office.

There are opportunities for voluntary chaplaincy both in companies already receiving chaplaincy services and in new projects. We are recruiting for volunteers for workplace chaplaincy in the following places:

  • Solihull Town Centre Retail
  • Birmingham City Centre Retail
  • Fire Service
  • NEC Group
  • Construction Sites in Birmingham and Solihull

Volunteers will receive training, commissioning and  support from CIGB and local teams.

For latest training course information see here.

What do Workplace Chaplains do?

Good stories and information are on the national Workplace Chaplaincy Mission website 

Also see our Annual Reports and our videos

For information about what general chaplaincy is like you could visit the Methodist Chaplaincy website.

Current Chaplaincy Locations

  • Peter Sellick
  • Steve Bavington
Birmingham Airport
  • Tanya Arroba
  • Bryan Snell
  • Alive Snell
  • Neil Hodgetts
  • John Ibidokun
Birmingham Canals
  • Richard Alford
Birmingham City Centre
  • Elaine Hutchinson (Team Leader)
  • Iain Frew
  • Andrew Veitch
  • John Taiwo
  • Sam Edgar
  • Paul Herring
  • Maxine Chamberlain
Birmingham City Council
  • David Harrison
  • Peter Sellick
  • Val Benjamin
  • Celia Porter
Birmingham Town Hall & Symphony Hall
  • Elaine Hutchinson
Blythe Valley Business Park
  • Marc Catley
Bournville College
  • Thelma Mitchell
  • Lynda Stanton
  • Gillian Finch
  • Becky Schwan
  • Jason Horner
Cadbury College
  • Chris Milton
Jaguar Land Rover
  • Colin Corke (Jaguar)
  • Linda Granner (Land Rover)
Jericho Foundation
  • Rotimi Benjamin
  • Pat Saunders
Kings Heath Shopping Centre
  • Graham Wigley
  • Pat Wigley
Knowle Retail
  • Greg Dengate
Longbridge Construction
  • Rob Pusey
Longbridge Town Centre Retail
  • Peggy Baker
  • Joan Byrne
  • Val Dalton
National Express Buses – West Midlands
  • John Bradley (Team Leader)
  • Christine McAteer
  • Clive Fowle (Workcare)
  • Ebenezer Asaju
  • Ian Hancock (BCUIM)
  • Jeff Guest (BCUIM)
  • John Welsby (BCUIM)
  • David Butterworth (Team Leader)
  • Elaine Hutchinson
  • Matthew Gordon
  • Sharon Jenner
  • Sue Ford
Olton Retail
  • Tina Hands
Solihull Town Centre
  • Beryl  Moppett (Team Leader)
  • Kath Hawker
  • Ann Polson
  • Pat Raymer
  • Anne  Rock
  • Shirley Vincent
  • Frances Critoph
  • Jean Murray
  • Deirdre Moll
Webster and Horsfall
  • Fiona Joseph
West Midlands Fire Service – Birmingham and Solihull
  • Sallie Morgan (Team Leader)
  • Israel Okunwaye