Chaplaincy Fortnight

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Chaplaincy Fortnight June 7th-21st

Elaine and a member of the public

Chaplains and Churches in Birmingham and Solihull are celebrating Chaplaincy as an Adventure of the Christian Church and a Discovery of God in community, workplaces and organisations.

  • Find out about Chaplains in your local area.
  • Pray for Chaplains and the places they are working
  • Meet a Chaplain and hear their stories of God

(See Resources below)


Chaplaincy is in the news..

The Methodist Church promotes ‘Chaplaincy Everywhere’ and has produced a booklet of stories from Chaplains across the UK in their Connexion Magazine.

A national report from the religion and society think tank Theos, describes Chaplaincy as ‘A Very Modern Ministry’.


Chaplaincy is about faith growth…

Chaplains help people articulate for themselves where God is involved in their daily living. Chaplains find their own faith in enriched by their encounters.

In the Bible (John’s Gospel Ch4 v 1-42) Jesus helped a Samaritan woman at a well, and in conversation she began to see where God was in her life. Jesus met a stranger at her meeting place.


Chaplaincy is about loving care…

The word ‘Chaplain’ is thought to derive from the latin work for ‘Cloak’ and from a story of St Martin of Tours who shared his cloak with a needy stranger.  Many people encounter Chaplains in schools, hospitals and workplaces: when they are there to provide pastoral care.


Chaplaincy is about diversity working together…

Chaplains in Birmingham and Solihull work in diverse areas including Education, Healthcare, Military, Justice and Commercial Workplaces. The Chaplains come from different faith traditions and learn together to share all that they have in common. Chaplains work with all people, whatever their faith or background.

 Join with us in celebrating this good news. Chaplaincy Fortnight …

… is an opportunity to hear stories of where Chaplains have found God at work in the different parts of our communities and to learn more about their work.

Linda and Archbishop Justin Feb 15

Chaplaincy Fortnight Resources

Invite a chaplain

Duncan Bham Airport

A number of Chaplains are offering to come to churches to talk about their Chaplaincy during Chaplaincy Fortnight.  For contact details of Chaplains from different walks of life who are willing to visit a church community and share something of their experience please use the link below.  Browse the list, choose a person or theme that may be interesting and get in touch with them to organise a visit. Contacts are to be made directly between the church community and the chaplain themselves.

To download the list of chaplains offering their time:

Chaplaincy Fortnight 2015 list of chaplains who are willing to be involved